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If you are existing customer please login to your control panel and submit a ticket from there.
Please visit the following page to read about contacting support in more details.
All requests are handled according to our Support Scope.

If you don’t have a customer account, but need to contact Support, please submit a guest ticket.

Plug & Cloud Support Team Commitments and Boundaries

Our support team is available 24/7/365 – no lunch breaks, BRBs, vacations, day offs.

We are reachable through:

  • Authorized ticket submitted via control panel (1 hour response time - guaranteed);
  • Guest request from our website (response time – up to 3 hours);
Contact type Authorized ticket Guest request
How-to questions and consulting on provided services and service plans check check
Customer feedback, proposals for services improvement check check
Requests that presume any actions taken towards Customers’ data* check check

*To maintain safety and security in regards to our services we do not perform any actions with customers’ data unless the written authorized request is provided.

Such actions include (but not limited to) all operations concerning data file structure modifications, domains modifications, billing operations.

Support Team Boundaries

Plug & Cloud OÜ responsibility:

  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of all systems worry-free functioning (the entire complex infrastructure of server hardware and network equipment);
  • Scheduling and committing corrective maintenance, planned maintenance and urgent maintenance works (if something nasty and unplanned happens) on our hardware and network equipment including networks of upstream connectivity providers;
  • Receiving and speedy resolution of customers’ requests;
  • Localizing and fixing of technical issues affecting services provided;
  • Consulting customers on the following questions: how to use and manage accounts via control panel, how to order and pay services, how to cancel services, how to deal with refund claims, how to transfer services onto different account;
  • On time alerting about scheduled maintenance, unplanned outages and other system wide issues (including ETA for a fix) via control panel and/or contact email;
  • Alerting customers about upcoming billing date via email;
  • Maintaining around-the-clock accessibility of customers’ servers (on hardware level) and control panel;

Customer's responsibility:

  • Installation and administering the software on the virtual server including troubleshooting of its malfunctioning;
  • Backing up the data as we do not provide virtual server level recovery in case of data corruption caused from within the virtual server;
  • Other questions that are not included in Plug and Cloud responsibility list;

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