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ForexVPS: Superb Price and Quality for Enthusiastic Traders!

  • Virtual Private Server with MetaTrader installed, professionally tuned for optimum performance
  • Consistent and reliable trading terminal – running 24/7
  • Powered by European datacenter
  • Low latency times between terminal and exchanges
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RAM 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB
CPU 500 – 1000 MHz 750 – 1500 MHz 1000 – 2000 MHz 2000 MHz
HDD 25 GB 50 GB 75 GB 100 GB
IP 1 1 1 2
Windows Server checkcheckcheckcheck
RDP checkcheckcheckcheck
Test period checkcheckcheckcheck

Forex4You recommends!

We have been working with the IT market leaders in the Forex trading field for years and we can confidently offer unique solutions for a stable and comfortable trading experience.
We are seeing a steady increase in virtual servers usage for Forex trading. A lot of providers have been tested by us before finally choosing to partner with Fastforexvps.
We highly recommend using Fastforexvps virtual servers, as trouble-free operation and redundancy are essential in successful Forex trading.
Forex4You diligently prepared special prices for our clients.

Forex4You Management.

Stress-free operation of Forex terminal - GUARANTEED!

You don't have to always keep your home PC on when you are using Forex VPS. Automatic trading will not longer depend on PC reboots, power outages, Internet connection interruptions and so on.
Cloud platform accommodating Forex VPS is comprised of server cluster structure, which ensures uninterrupted work and data safety even if some of the cluster servers go down.
The platform itself is located in one of the most advanced and rock solid European datacenters - EvoSwitch, the Netherlands.
Your trading experience will genuinely be more efficient and trouble-free!

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Low latency connection with Forex exchanges - trading without losses

Fast connection and low latency times between the trading terminal and the exchanges is one of the most important factors in successful online trading.
The EvoSwitch data center is located in Amsterdam and is efficiently connected to the primary European Internet Exchanges - AMS-IX, NL-IX and others.
Our European clients point out fast terminal response times, and low latency that empowers them to trade more efficiently and ultimately more profitably.

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Server is up and running. MetaTrader is setup and ready for trading!

We have professionally tuned virtual servers for optimum performance, stability and resource usage. It's been taken care of by us. You can simply activate your server and start making money from your trades.
The most popular Forex trading software - MetaTrader - has been pre-installed. It provides intuitive interface that allows trading and market analysis.
We do not limit our customers' software options - you are free to install additional software of your choice, should you need to do so for your work.

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Smooth user experience via RDP protocol

Manage your Forex VPS via familiar Windows interface. You don't have to be technically savvy to start automatic Forex trading on your VPS.
The server connection is done through remote desktop function (RDP - remote desktop protocol). Once you are connected to the server, you can seamlessly use the Forex terminal the same way you would use any Windows PC.
You will soon receive short yet detailed instructions on how to connect to your Forex VPS.

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Our support promise - 24/7/365

Our technical support is here to help. We guarantee ticket turnaround time of 1 hour.
Please feel free to contact our support staff through the ticketing system.

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